Just a list of things my son says.  He's not a big talker.  That's because he is smart.  Before he could say a single word he had figured it all out:  In the beginning (not too long ago) God made the world, and the world was full of things that were good (or at least seemed interesting, or tasty), but in His trademark mysterious way, He had placed them all out of reach.  That seemed unfair.  But then... aha!  God had cleverly populated the world with an endless supply of adults willing to bend over backwards to reach for the good (interesting or tasty) things, and hand them over to you.  Nice job God!  All you had to do was point at the thing desired then say "mmm?" (meaning "give me that"), or "mmmmm!" (meaning "no, not that, THAT you moron!") or "MMMMM!" (meaning "oh ferchrissake what is taking you so long!").  So... Eventually the kid saw that adults were not that sharp... and words would be needed.

The following are more or less listed in order of appearance.  I posses a bad and steadily deteriorating memory.  Don't feel sorry for me, I have had this condition for the last 39 years, and have learned to cope.  I say it only by way of preemptive apology, there are no doubt many more words than these.  I will update the list as I remember them or, um... get reminded.
  • No: "No".  It also means, get away, I don't have time for you at the moment.  This, of course was his first word.  Not "Mama" as his Mama would have us believe.
  • Joos: "Juice".  It also means "I'm thirsty" and "I'm stalling because I don't want to go to bed yet."
  • Choo: Usage of this word has undergone several revisions.  First it meant "choo [-choo train]" (A common form of freight-transport, or an annoyingly moralizing steam engine with a propensity for overacted facial expressions).  When I got an app for my iphone where the point of the game was to keep trains from crashing (or to make them crash instantly, in my son's version), the phone became "choo"... soon enough (by some inscrutable toddler mental process) every conceivable game became "choo". His current favorite phrase "My Choo!" roughly translates to "I can kick that ball myself!" or "I can shoot that water-gun myself!"
  • Aoo?: "Owl".  For more on owls, read this.
  • Mama: "Mama".  Also, the second largest in a group of at least three things of interest.  For example, the airport was populated by "Papa Airplanes"  (Sitting there taking on passengers and getting heavier); "Mama Airplanes" (for some reason, the ones taking off); and "Baby Airplanes" the little private jets... also the distant ones (I've been trying to explain the concept of vanishing point perspective to him... no luck).
  • Papa: "Papa".  See Mama.
  • Mine: "Me", "I can do it", "can I have it?", "give it to me already!" and of course "mine".
  • Please: This is the most dangerous word in his vocabulary.  It means "now!" and he wields it with compelling authority.
  • Da: "Yes".  This is his only Russian word so far.  Though, courtesy of his Babushka, I suspect he understands a good deal more русский (ruski) than he lets on.
  • Baby: Refers to all things small (including short trains, distant airplanes, ants, and his sister)
  • Ball: "Ball".  Or it also could mean Bell... for Isabelle, his sister.  It is never clear which of the two he means.
  • Yum: "Food".
  • Cheese Cheese: He has spotted someone taking a photograph.  Or he is taking a picture of you with your iphone because he is tired of playing with it (see choo), and he has already gone ahead and deleted all the applications he could delete.
  • High: The location of airplanes in flight.  Also the act of ascending (as he will perceptively note in the middle of a (endless) hike up a mountain... undertaken in the comfort of a backpack carrier)  Also "Pick me up".
  • Down: "Put me down."
  • Yeah: "Yeah".  Sadly replacing Da... because nobody except Babushka speaks Russian to (or cooks delicious baby-fattening meals exclusively for) him
  • Oh Yeih!:  "I wholeheartedly agree.  Lets do it.  That's a great idea.  Not bad for an adult!"
  • Kah:  Snake (after the character in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book)
  • Greiiinnngh: Elephant.  Proper pronunciation requires placing your wrist by your nose, and moving your fingers up and down, elephant trunk-like.  Practice makes perfect.
  • Neiiinnngh: Horse.
  • Grrrr: Bear.
  • Grrrrrrrr: Tiger.
  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr: Lion.
  • Raahhhr: Fast car.
  • RRRaaahhhhrr: Airplane (or helicopter).
  • RRRRRaaahhhhhhhhhrrrr: Papa's van.
  • Boo!: Be afraid!
  • Hole: It means just that, a hole.  However, its presence - whether in the center of a cheerio, or the side of a canyon in Utah - calls for an immediate explanation.
  • Moon:  Moon.  Or sun, whatever.
  • Tar: Star.
  • Tar: Car.
  • Tar: Something else we haven't figured out yet.
  • Nana: Banana
  • Blue:  Blue.  And any other color.  Including the color of bananas.  If you kindly and sensitively tell him:  "The sky is blue, the banana is YELLOW, can YOU say YELLOW?"  He will smile fetchingly and blurt out BARBABAR (or something) It's kind of like Joey's French Lesson.
  • Bee.  It means bee.  And dragonfly.  And bug.  He learned that one yesterday.  Incidentally, this reminds me, have you ever attempted to convey the idea that "bees can sting you" to someone who doesn't know what you mean by sting, just learned what you mean by bee (sort of) and thinks all colors are blue?  If you succeeded, please fill me in.
7/31/2011 07:04:32

Bee = auch bug.. Thats how u explain.. :)

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I liked your blog and went ahead and created a weebly blog too!


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