It has been several months since I began my flirtations with blogging.  And still it wasn't until last week or so that I began to get it.  
It being the realization that... there is some razor sharp funny smart kick-ass writing going over here (or over there).  Addictively good stuff.

My problem was that I wanted to be a blogger before had become a blog reader.  My bumbling transformation unfolded like this:

  1. I started this here blog.  Ostensibly it is about being a dad.  Arguably, it exists to extract some profit from my writing-itch (all evidence to the contrary, so far).
  2. After pitching the main poles in my blog-tent.  I set out across the wild to find the other dad-blogs (to learn survival tips from and to make alliances with, against blog eating bears and such).
  3. I found too many.  Not all great.
  4. I set out to find a few great dad blogs. 
  5. I found some... and some great mom blogs too... and I read them... and I started getting hooked.
  6. I decided I had a new... hobby? 
  7. This called for scouring the App store for some I-knew-not-what that would help me do what I wanted to do (read blogs) better.  Which the App store did not fail to provide.

I downloaded Pulse.  Which is free.  And great for reading blogs.  So great that just looking at it gives you blog thirst.  Or is it blog lust?  Or maybe blog frenzy.

I started looking for more good blogs about parenting, and good blogs about science, and good blogs about science fiction, and good blogs about outdoors living... and still I keep piling the blogs on the onto back of my new App.  And Pulse takes it all like a... like a what?  Think of something that carries a big load gracefully.  Got it?  Like a that.

And of course I kept reading blogs.  And adding them to my Pulse.  And refining the naming of the pages and the placing of the blogs by theme and by quality (great on top, on probation in middle, last chance to prove yourself not-chaff in the bottom).

The app takes about one minute to master.  And you can use it to read Digg, and even your Facebook wall, in case you are addicted to those.

And did I mention its free?  Get it.  Try it.  Got it?

4/24/2012 06:19:43

Yes that was very interesting thing that you can get many apps if you start blogging.

9/18/2013 08:12:22

Hey!! Great post. Thanks for providing this details about blogging.


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