This one chronicles my first sailing vacation... and the attempts made by a hurricane to spoil it.  It was published in the July 2001 issue of Chesapeake Bay Magazine under the title of "Three Against the Storm - A wild Ride."

Sorry about the crappy pdf-from-a-wet-xerox-from-a-wrinkled-up-xerox-from-a-magazine format. The only alternative I can think of is a complete re-type.  Are you kidding?  I know, your eyes may be permanently damaged after trying to to read it.  Well, what did you think, you were going to have 20/20 forever!

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    Once upon a more productive time... 

    On this page I'm posting the few stories I have actually published... like in real magazines... made out of paper... and got paid for (mostly).  And as far as I can tell, none of this has anything to do with parenting.